Physics in school

Fundamental imperative nature of this school subject One of the most exciting, most exciting and important subjects of the school is without doubt the physics. Fundamental to the existence, the development of man and technology. Any transactions, be it simple or fancy speed calculations theories about the perpetual motion, are basic for the present time. If you recall back to the various inventions, which led ultimately to many industrial revolutions, such as the invention of the steam engine, electricity theory and not least the necessary physical links, which meant that a vehicle is driven, as is the case today is.

In short: Physics is fun. In some subject teachers of the school passed very lazy and unimaginative to the students, many fear this subject, but physics around us. May be teaching in the school as a real experience. Many unique experiments await the students in this school hours, which are guaranteed to get everyone to marvel. While the students are in the upper stages are sometimes not aware what they can do with a learned knowledge or even to impress their friends, they sometimes go out of the physics laboratory and tired to open the door of her car. However, without knowing what a few seconds later, when the Zünschlüssel is reversed for high physical processes take place. physics? I figure it does not, I need not think .... Wrong! straight physics is required in almost all areas of life.

Simple fundamentals that the students are taught early, can later be transferred across to any everyday situation. Many students feel, for example, in biology much better off than in the science of juggling numbers and sizes. But how does it look like with the animals? Why is the penguin is an excellent swimmer? Why can an eagle so incredibly quickly fall down on its prey? From the wildlife has adapted to the laws of physics. In this case, keyword aerodynamics, gravity, etc. Exciting questions with which the lesson will be taken every person alive. A lot of guys were playing better football on a sunny afternoon, but why does it ever play football? Why can turn on a ball while shooting his foot? Questions on which you have in real life rarely makes their thoughts and responses so easy sometimes and sometimes it can be so amazing. Not for nothing it is said: Those who understand the physics, the whole world understands.

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