Chemistry in the school

What to expect in this interesting school subject? chemistry, a subject that is admittedly not easy to understand. Starting with the periodic table, the anomaly of water bishin to the endless expanses of nuclear fission. The chemistry is like the physics and biology to the science subjects and is thus one of the fundamental subjects of adolescent students. Chemistry is not just wild uneinprägsamen substances with names to mix reactions in class and memorize hope it vigorously at the trial and the teacher bangs with charred hair stand on the podium. Chemistry involves first of all a lot of theoretical knowledge, which must logically be learned first. Before you play guitar you must also first learn how to keep them properly, which sounds fit together and which not. In chemistry, it is partially but significantly more dangerous than merely warped faces to look at wrong notes. This concentration is needed, without protective eyewear is not first.

A very clear problem for many students is the many new concepts, but who can memorize 150 different Pokemon and their properties, special attacks, etc. should easily be able to memorize a relatively "small" periodic table. And anyone who thinks chemistry takes place only in the laboratory, which has also once again deceived. Our body produces many non-organic substances which react similar to each other as well as all other substances. Why the tooth loses Zahnschmerlz example by excessive consumption of acidic juices? Why is it unconscious with severe blows to the head? The seemingly simple reactions have little to do with the actual chemistry to do the mixing of substances in certain circumstances, the change of physical states and the exact naming of electrons, neutrons and protons. But those who understand the chemistry, the world can grasp its smallest compositions. caution as the mother of the chemistry kit can be little carelessness will be punished so high full concentration and attention.

Of helium to the noble gases, and many unique chemical experiments can not know got into the wrong hands. Anyone who thinks this small hydrogen atom is so small, and no one can wear the wrong. In chemistry, everything and anything is possible. One subject that everyone in the spell and pulls you immediately is hungry for more knowledge. Many exciting and unique lessons are inevitable.

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